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Frequent and varied events—such as lectures, colloquia, symposia, and workshops—play an active role in the continuing vitality and momentum of the Media Lab.
Oct 06 15
Agnis Stibe

Compared with many other industries, including health care, the Internet industry has distinct advantages in how organizations can use data to make decisions. This makes it an appealing setting for: (a) learning about human behavior and (b) rapidly iterating on tools and methods. Dean will present a little of each, focusing in the first case on peer effects -- how people's behaviors are affected by those of their peers—and in the second case on tools (some open-source) for designing, deploying, and analyzing field experiments.

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Oct 20 15
Rosalind W. Picard
Nov 06 15 - Nov 08 15
Napa Valley, CA

The reThink Food Annual Leadership Conference brings together a diverse group of thought leaders and innovators at the intersection of technology, behavior, design, and food. Our assembled speakers, experts, and provocateurs will spotlight areas of innovation all along the food industry’s chain of supply and demand—from agriculture to the consumer food experience—and offer solutions for rethinking the future of food amid radically changing food markets around the globe.

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Nov 24 15
Joi Ito

The MLTalks series hosts visionaries who work at the intersection of technology, art, and enterprise.

All talks at the Media Lab, unless otherwise noted, are open to the public.
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Archived videos of all past events in the Media Lab's Conversations series are available online.

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