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Frequent and varied events—such as lectures, colloquia, symposia, and workshops—play an active role in the continuing vitality and momentum of the Media Lab.
Jul 09 15
Mitchel Resnick

Many domains of DIY (do-it-yourself) activity, like knitting, woodworking, and cooking, combine useful products with individual creativity. With today’s electronics, it’s difficult to combine these two values. The devices we use are mass-produced with little involvement from the vast majority of people. The electronics we make as individuals are built mostly with toolkits and other prototyping processes that aren’t well suited to extended use.

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Jul 15 15 - Jul 16 15

Join us in person or via webcast for Knotty Objects, the first MIT Media Lab summer summit, this year devoted to an exploration of design, science, and technology. Learn more at http://knotty.media.mit.edu. Follow #knottyobjects for more!

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Aug 10 15
Los Angeles Convention Center