Fall 2013 Member Event: Wednesday, October 23

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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8:00am     Registration and breakfast
9:00     Welcome
9:30     Structure at Scale | Research Updates Part III
  • Cesar Hidalgo | Macro Connections
  • Kent Larson | Changing Places
  • Alex 'Sandy' Pentland | Human Dynamics
  • Joe Paradiso | Responsive Environments
  • Ethan Zuckerman | Civic Media
  • Deb Roy | Cognitive Machines
10:30     Break
11:00     Science at Scale | Research Updates Part IV
  • Hugh Herr | Biomechatronics
  • Joe Jacobson | Molecular Machines
  • Nir Grossman | Synthetic Neurobiology
  • Henry Lieberman | Software Agents
  • Mike Bove | Object-Based Media
12:00pm     Lunch
TTT and DL Program Committee Meetings
1:30     Open house
3:30     Panel: E14 Startup Fund
4:30-5:00     Break and Unconference sign up
Unconferences are impromptu workshops or discussions that are scheduled, organized, and run on the same day.
5:00-5:40     Unconference 1
5:50-6:30     Unconference 2
6:30-8:00     Reception and Dinner

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