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Jul 02 15

Wearable computers are becoming a widespread reality. Driven by a human quest for sensorial ultrability (ultra-ability) and control of our environment and bodies, we search for ever intimal solutions to increase our innate physical capacities using technology. Finger-wearable devices for augmentation are nowadays part of the mainstream wearable fashion and research agenda, because of their uniquely convenient placement on the human body and proximity to the most sensitive of limbs—the fingers.

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Jul 02 15
Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, MA
Jul 07 15
Hiroshi Ishii

Shape displays render digital content as dynamic physical shapes. They enable multiple users to touch, feel, and deform their surface topology in order to understand information, express ideas, and collaborate. But while these interfaces hold great promise, their application areas are not yet well defined and few specific interaction techniques have been developed for them.

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Aug 10 15
Los Angeles Convention Center