International Applicants

Additional information for international applicants

  • All applicants from non-English speaking countries must take the IELTS exam; TOEFL is not accepted.
  • An official copy of IELTS scores are required.
  • Institution code is 3514, department code is 99 (MIT Graduate Admissions).
  • Minimum required IELTS score: 7.
  • IELTS can be waived by the department under certain circumstances (1) if you have received instruction in English in primary and secondary school or (2) if you have been working in the US for three years and/or will have received a degree from an American institution before entering MIT. You may request a waiver for the Fall 2016 admissions cycle only before 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Dec 15, 2015. If you want to apply for a waiver, please send an email to mas [at] media [dot] mit [dot] edu describing your academic and/or professional background in English. You must attach any supporting documents (transcripts, diploma, letter from home university/employer).

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