Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of attending the Media Lab's graduate program?

All graduate students are currently fully supported (tuition, medical insurance, plus a stipend).

How do I apply to your graduate program?

The Program in Media Arts and Sciences (MAS) uses an online application.

What is the application deadline?

December 15 is the firm deadline for all applications.

Do you require GRE scores?

No, MAS does not require or use GRE scores.

Can you send me an application?

All applications must be submitted online (see above). Print catalogue requests can be made through MIT’s main Admissions Office. Paper applications, including recommendation letters, will not be accepted.

What format should I use for submitting a portfolio or other supporting materials? Where do I send them?

See portfolio requirements.

When will I learn if I have been admitted?

Admission letters are emailed out mid/late March. No information is given out by telephone.

Will it be possible for me to have an interview?

Interviews are by invitation only, and conducted during the admissions review process.

Can I apply to more than one department or program at MIT?

Yes, but this requires a full application and application fee to each department or program.

Can you tell me my chances of my admittance?

No. There are many factors beyond academic qualifications that are considered during the admissions process; thus, we cannot give applicants feedback on likelihood of acceptance.

Can I visit the Media Lab?

The Media Lab does not offer tours. However, if you wish to visit, you should contact specific faculty members to make arrangements to meet with them and their graduate students. Research and contact information is available on our website.

Can I intern at the Media Lab?

The only internship opportunities at the Media Lab are for MIT undergraduates who participate in Media Lab research through MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).